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Thursday, October 20, 2022


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Barbara H.

Hah! I never had that problem with the painted fern - just the opposite. You've gotten a lot done in your problem area. I'm impressed!


Such a shame about the Japanese painted ferns. They are truly lovely plants. Have you tried growing plants that rabbits supposedly do not like? Has it worked, at all? Or just an old wives tale? You work so hard on your garden. It must be terribly frustrating that your labor is routinely destroyed by rabbits. I think I would encourage those hawks to make themselves right at home!

danger garden

Damn rabbits! Love that salix, fingers crossed for your work.

Kathy from Cold Climate Gardening

I looove my rootslayer shovel!! Even without roots, my clay soil is challenging enough. I had a big patch of JPF that I knew had to be moved due to anticipated construction. Dug up several pieces in early spring and most of them did not take, to my surprise. Still have half the patch left and it still needs to be moved and time is running out. But this time I will replant in its new location.


You did a good job renovation this spot. I'd love to see it again in spring, when the hellebore is blooming.
Your post gives me confidence and courage to dig up and divide an old hellebore clump.

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