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Wednesday, November 30, 2022


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That is a lovely combination. Epimedium leaves are so pretty and those primula highlight the tinge of pink. It's good to think of spring - so cold and grey here today!


I love that combination of colours.


Crime scene? not sure about the name but the plant and combination is stunning.


How interesting. I love it!

Kris P

Epimedium 'Crime Scene' may be one of the best plant names I've ever heard. The combination is lovely.


Very nice Primula - I love Spring it is my favourite season.


Oh that is a most stunning combination! Like Amelia I'm not sure about the name 'Crime Scene' for such a beautiful epimedium. Is that the colour of the foliage year round or its autumnal colour? I'm off to see whether it has made it across this side of the pond.

Linda Brazill

KIRS AND ANNA — That is the color of the Epimedium foliage as it emerges in the spring. Then it turns green. It may get a bit of color in the autumn but nothing like the spring color. The nursery that hybridized it says the red spots on the foliage made them think of crime shows on TV, which proved they'd been watching too many!

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