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Wednesday, November 16, 2022


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Kris P

You face challenges in Wisconsin I've never even entertained. I'm aware that many gardeners in colder climates go to great lengths to care for tender plants but I'd never thought about the effort to empty and care for pots - ugh! That's a lot of snow all at once. I hope winter proves to be less onerous than you envision at present.

Barbara H.

Glad you made your deadline! Just in time is such a great feeling.


My, but you and Mark are industrious! I'm guessing there are some very nice feelings of accomplishment going on at your house, what with everything all tucked away nice and tidy for winter. And, it's lovely, that first pristine snowfall. There's plenty of time later to yearn for spring. Now is the time to enjoy the gifts of winter. There were a couple of other things I thought impressive too: One was the way those guys were walking so agilely on your roof -- I would have broken my neck, guaranteed. The other was that nifty brush you use to clean your pots. Where did you find it? It's perfect for the task!

danger garden

Isn't that a great feeling, when you're ready? We've been having an uncharacteristic November dry spell with blue skies, but nasty cold wind. The leaves are piling up (and being rearranged hourly) and I need to get out there and clean them up, especially off the succulents, while they're dry. It's so windy though, only a fool would attempt to pick up leaves, so they remain.

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