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Monday, November 21, 2022


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Kris P

I can't even imagine that...


Same chilliness followed by a warmup here. I'm glad to see the warmth since I still have a few tulips to get in :)
One of the Buffalo headlines made me laugh, something about five feet of snow and there were some road closures and cancelled flights...
I laughed because it sounded like things would have been about average if it just stopped snowing at maybe four feet!

Linda Brazill

FRANK — I think 2-4 feet is not that unusual for any of the lake effect snow storms. I lived in Rochester on Lake Ontario and have family in Erie and the storms always dump a lot of snow. But it melts until a new storm arrives.​ Here it is usually much colder and so we don't get that melt after a storm. Can be miserable for a long time on the roads.

Barbara H.

I remember some of those large lake effect snow dumps as a child in western Michigan, not too far from Lake Michigan. But oh my goodness, I can't imagine the 77 inches at one time. It's been very cold at night here in Alabama the last week or so - in the 20s - but looks like we are moving back into the more normal range. Thank goodness!

danger garden

Having grown up in an area that could record significant snowfall, I am thrilled to be free of it. Not that we haven't gotten plenty of snow here in Portland, but at least it's not a common occurance.


I read a few comments from Buffalo residents about the snow--most were along the lines of, "Yes, it's a lot. We'll deal with it."

Internet news stories seem to sometimes over-dramatize weather attract readers, I guess.

Can't imagine all that snow--my parents immigrated from somewhere very cold to California to get away from it.


I meant the comments were in news stories about the snow, if that was unclear. Sorry!

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