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Saturday, November 05, 2022


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Darn, that's frustrating. I was having some issues with Blogger, too, yesterday. Very frustrating. Yes, it's very windy today. We chose a wooded location for our dog walk/hike today to help block some of the wind. Looks like we'll have a little more warmth this week, and then winter is on the way... :(

Kris P

Hopefully, the Typepad folks will come through for you, Linda. Dropping photos is an odd problem. Blogger periodically loads my photos in reverse order but there's a fix for that - I just have to look it up every few months when it happens again. However, I did have to change the browser I use to load photos when some update or another in the Chromium browser started requiring me to conduct a search to locate each photo rather than "remembering" which file I was using from one selection to the next. Even my more savvy husband wasn't able to figure that one out.

Meanwhile, it sounds like you're making good use of your time!

Barbara H.

Sometimes problems lead us to new solutions that work out well for us, but oh it's so frustrating. Glad you are getting things done and finding time for pleasant things, too.


How very frustrating for you!! I would have blown up my computer by now, lol. I think you're smart to make hard copy books of your gardens for enjoyment later on. I have done this with several of my gardens using Snapfish. And you've reminded me that it's time to make more cuz the gardens have evolved and changed dramatically.
I do hope your blog issues are resolved soon! I definitely want to see more pics of your beautiful gardens.

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