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Thursday, December 01, 2022


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Oooo, the 'jade tiger' is gorgeous!


...actually, all three are wonderful.

danger garden

Well now you've got me thinking about my 'Jade Tiger', it's so early many years, I wonder if there buds starting to form!

Kris P

Beautiful! I'm so hoping to see more hellebore blooms here this year.

Linda Brazill

DANGER — I did not mention it in my post, but these images are all from last spring. These won't be flowering until next April/May. I think I probably told you but I bought 3 Jade Tiger plants because I like yours so much. I planted them in a group where they will eventually fill in by a large orangey rock with mica flakes and lichens all over it.  

Linda Brazill

KRIS — It does seem to take them a while to flower, esp. if they were smallish clumps at planting. I have one that will be in the garden for its third year this coming spring and I am hoping it will start to flower finally.

Linda Brazill

GINNY — I first saw 'Jade Tiger' in the garden of another blogger and was smitten. I finally managed to find one a couple of years ago.


Beauties! Jade Tiger especially appeals to me. I rather like the ones with double flowers. Thanks for sharing! 😃


Yes, those are definitely beauties. That does seem like the turning point around here. We still often get some cold and snow after the Hellebores bloom, but they're the start of the exciting new growing season.

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