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Tuesday, December 06, 2022


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Primulas are one of the prettiest and perkiest of the spring flowers and I am looking forward to seeing them reappear too! I have also been perusing online nurseries after being inspired over the past week. Thanks so much for joining in. It was lovely to see what grows in your garden! 🤗

Linda Brazill

CATHY — Thanks for hosting. It was definitely a boost to the spirits as winter settles in here.

Kris P

Very pretty. I picked up some English primroses recently as filler for a container after years of avoiding them as they're not long-lived here. I fell in love with them all over again and plan to get some more, even knowing they'll be gone as soon as we get warmer and drier. We don't have the choices in primrose that you do in our local garden centers.


I think I need to look into more Primulas after seeing these.


That auricula is very pretty. The plum petal tips look a really rich colour against that pale centre. Sadly, I am not good at keeping them, but I have been trying to grow some Barnhaven strains from seed. Good luck with your 'Argus'

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