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Friday, December 23, 2022


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Happy holidays to you and Mark! I love the improved new year sentiment. Stay warm!


Amen to those sentiments!! Right back at you :-)

Linda Brazill

KRISTIN — A friend said that in his card and I thought it was a great sentiment to share.

Barbara H.

Ditto to everything! Stay warm and I will too. Guess that means I'll be inside.

Kris P

Best wishes to you and Mark too! Stay warm!


Happy Holidays, Linda! Sounds like the sub-zero stuff and wind will be done soon. Good riddance. I'm ready for spring already. ;-)


Happy holidays to you, too! I see my little friend, the lohan, is doing the same thing I do so freqently this time of year -- stare at the tree full of light and ornaments collected over the years. Such an odd thing to do, but so very pretty. I wish you peace and loving memories. I am going to settle in and enjoy the days off I'm taking and the stormy weather that is supposed to be coming my way. My kind of bliss.

danger garden

Lovely image Linda, I hope the same for you and Mark.

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