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Monday, January 09, 2023


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I am always inspired by your IVOM compositions, and am tempted to buy this lovely book. I will look through the others later so I can savor them. The link for Mark's books didn't take me to them. Not sure if it's a problem on my end, or just not quite the right link. Thanks for sharing your books!

Linda Brazill

KRISTIN — Hopefully I fixed Mark's link. Also wanted to mention, the prices on the books are the actual cost. I could have added a profit margin but I am not trying to really sell them or make money. I just did them as memory books for me.

Barbara H.

Fascinating and good for you, Linda! I'll have to come back and explore this further (famous last words...) since it's something I've thought I should do to document the changes in my property since I moved here in 2007. And it confirms my belief that there is always a silver lining if we look hard enough.

Linda Brazill

BARBARA — Definitely a silver lining! We have made so many changes over the years that it would be fun just to take a particular spot and show them. I am really enjoying making these books. Even though they are pricey, we're not travelling or eating out much these days so I feel like it is money well spent.

danger garden

Wow. I remember those days of picking up the developed photos and wondering what you were going to see! I also think about the fact we may not be able to access our images when we want them, this has already happened with music. Thank you for sharing the link to these books, your artistic eye and journalistic background have combined to make something exceptional.


How glorious your IAVOM book is, Linda - I feel I remember some of the vases featured, or perhaps it is the vases themselves I remember. You have reminded me what it is like to look at them this way, without reading through lots of text as well - it's ages since I have looked at mine but I will look it out tonight! Thanks so much for sharing 😊

Linda Brazill

DANGER ​Thanks for those kind words. I don't want to lose all these images which spark the memories. Where would I be without photos of my parents and my sister who just died? So glad for those prints of us growing up.

Kris P

These are truly wonderful, Linda, and a great investment of your time. I recently read a news story about how vulnerable digital books (and music) are to being "lost" over time. Your approach is a splendid way to hang on to those images and memories. I'm intrigued.


How wonderful, Linda! I've had some of the same feelings about electronic files of various sorts. Long story for here, but I agree that it's important to save these special memories in formats that will persevere through time.


So from the chaos of the computer glitch came this idea for creating something lasting, which will in effect be an heirloom which stands perfectly on its own. Congratulations.


You've used your time wisely and creatively. It is inspiring.

Linda Brazill

NOELLE — Exactly. It has inspired me to cut back on screen time of the wasting kind.

Kathy from Cold Climate Gardening

Oh, I've thought about doing this, too, but with Shutterfly, not Blurb. Nothing against Blurb, just not as familiar with it. I was amazed at how little time it took you to put those books together! Perhaps your images were already more organized than mine are. Mine are in folders by year and month, so to hunt down all the white flowers would take me a long time. Also, I think I am more of a word person than you are. I would name every plant in every photo and include the date it was taken. As a visual feast, that wouldn't look as good, but I did find myself wondering the name of some of your plants. And I'd like to share the one other Blurb book I'm familiar with, which also happens to be a garden book:


I certainly remember film and photo development. Kind of unreal to think of how frivolously we take digital photos with smart phones these days.
Your books are wonderful, IAVOM in particular. I appreciate the Ikebana style of arrangements and you seem to favor them as well: you are excellent in creating artful vases. I wondered about the black and white photo on page 13. A childhood home maybe?

Linda Brazill

CHAVLI — Everyone who's seen the book has asked about that photo. It is an historic photo from an exhibition that was being tossed when the exhibit came down. I took it when offered it. It was taken somewhere in Wisconsin but that's all I know about it. It's mounted on stiff stock, so I put it on a bookshelf and popped the vase in front of it for the photo. I love that photo, though it's definitely a one of a kind thing. 
Thanks for the kind words about the book. I am enjoying playing around with different concepts since it's winter here and I can't garden for a couple more months.


So many pictures from your garden have really stayed with me. I wanted the autumn book the second I saw it.

When soaking in images, doing Pin or Insta "reading", I'm often drawn to Japanese and some Chinese gardens (and western gardens with that design). But it's also about the plants: *so* many great plants. And there are a lot of cognates, plants closely related to North American flora.


:: We have made so many changes over the years that it would be fun just to take a particular spot and show them. ::

Pre-ordering this one right now! My favorite sub-genre of garden photography.

Linda Brazill

NELL— I tried to find Asian versions of a lot of plants when we first started gardening. Now I am looking for the native originals!​

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