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Friday, January 20, 2023


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Kris P

Weather woes abound this year it seems. I hope your new Alliums do better than you anticipate. I always worry about my bulb plants until I actually see flowers from them. Your Blurb books are a great distraction.

Kathy from Cold Climate Gardening

I feel like it's perpetual November here. I know someone gardening in Illinois who's having alliums come up prematurely. The embryonic flower is down in the bulb. Hopefully it will wait until the time is right.

Linda Brazill

kathy — Thanks for that info on the bulb flower. It is hard getting used to the "new normal" weather.


Are ornamental Alliums day-length sensitive like edible onions are?

Hopefully the flowers hold off until they can display their beauty at the proper time.

Here where we've had so many warm dry winters in a row, relatively cool temperatures and all the rain has enabled plants to slow way down for a few weeks--it's very strange--we're not used to it!


'Perpetual November'. I think Kathy summed up my thoughts perfectly.
In spite of that cold blast most things look as fresh as they did a few months ago. I like that things are sprouting (here the snowdrops ARE starting to show) but I worry about March.
Agreed that some more sun would be nice.

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