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Monday, January 23, 2023


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Kris P

I've never thought about mowing sedges but that proposition is interesting as I've found that cleaning them up by hand is less than satisfying. So far, the only sedge that's stood the test of time in my garden is 'Evergold' but I'm always on the look-out for others that can handle our degree of dryness.


Very interesting, thanks for the Mt Cuba info, the writeup they present is a perfect winter read and it has me thinking about more sedges to add. I mean I have other things going on in my life, but there's always time for segde-thoughts lol


I need to add more sedges. There are a few growing here, but I think the back area would benefit by adding more.

Claire Boyce

Prairie Nursery in Westfield Wisconsin is a great source for sedges! Many many years ago I purchased an Ivory Sedge from them. I love poking divisions of the mother plant in odd places around my gardens and shrubs. Best of all, when I want to relax I give a sedge a haircut. Very satisfying!


About ten years ago, on realizing that the many different sedges that have shown up here are natives, I decided to let most of them do their thing undisturbed (except for deadheading some large ones). So far, great results.

Carex appalachica, which is a lot like C. pennsylvanica, acts as a lawn on one side of the house, in the shade of the beech tree and moisture from two downspouts. It's mowed, but doesn't seem to need mowing as often as the grasses it blends into. It flowers just about the earliest of any serve here.

Thanks for the heads-up on the Mt. Cuba trials; they're such a huge service. The place itself is near the top of my bucket list of gardens to visit, and now that I'm most of the way recovered from a multi-year tussle with illness, I'm looking at that list with renewed determination.

Linda Brazill

NELL — Glad to hear you are doing well and lucky you to be able to make it to Mt. Cuba. A lot of gardens I would like to see are just further away than I feel like going anymore. So it is nice to be able to keep up with them online.​

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