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Sunday, January 29, 2023


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Snow does make the landscape look so pretty but it can cause lots of problems if you have to get around. Lovely photos of your garden under it's blanket of snow.xx

danger garden

Happy hibernation!

Kris P

Thank you for your first paragraph likening the light snow you saw last week to fog. For years, I've felt sheepish that, on one of my only sightings of snow falling from the sky, seen from the car as my husband and I drove from Sacramento's airport to Grass Valley to join family for Thanksgiving, I asked my husband what I was seeing through the windshield ;) I'm glad you're able to enjoy winter's beauty safe and snug from inside a warm house.


Relax by the fire with a stack of books until spring...sounds lovely. :)


Out here in the PNW our infrequent snowfalls come with either wind or heavy wet snow, but just before Christmas we had about 8” of light, fluffy snow. So light it made snowshoeing or skiing difficult if you were the first one on the trail. But it was beautiful and magical — and sure made shoveling easier.
Enjoy your books. I always love to hear what others are reading so I hope you’ll share some titles.

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