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Monday, February 13, 2023


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Those are lovely begonias to winter over. And both in such great pots, too. I wintered over a canary wing begonia and an unknown angel wing begonia with maroon leaves/silver spots. They'll go into patio pots. So nice not to have to buy them again, huh?
Here in western Maryland spring bulbs are a good four weeks ahead of themselves. I'm waiting for winter's other shoe to drop after an unseasonably warm Jan/Feb.
I'm glad I found your blog, I'm enjoying it!

Linda Brazill

GINNY — Thanks for those nice words. It seems like everyone has had strange winter weather. We have had very little lasting snowfalls. I always think if we don't get it at the usual time, we will get it in April when it should be over.

I had some smaller Begonias in the past but this is the first time I've decided to try Begonias again. It is fun having something putting out new growth when it is still a long way before that will be happening outside for us.

danger garden

Oh that cache pot in the last photo is fabulous, the begonias are nice too!

Kris P

I've developed a tremendous affection for begonias of all kinds in recent years. Even in my warmer winter climate, though, I think I need to follow your lead and bring many of them inside during our colder months. The combination of colder temperatures and pounding rain pulverized some of those in my lath house this year.

Linda Brazill

LOREE — That cachepot came from my maternal grandmother. She got married in 1906 which tells you how old it is.

Linda Brazill

KIRS — That's worth knowing that they can be affected by storms that way. I don't think we had any rain last year that was damaging which was unusual .


What glorious color combinations! From the Lohan's robes (let us not forget his exquisite expression), to the painting in the background that picks up the color of the begonia's leaves so beautifully, to the description of Japanese painted ferns and heucheras paired with begonias in the spring. Be still my heart! The pot in the final picture looks a bit like Roseville to me, or at least in that style. I love seeing through your eyes. It is a beautiful sight.

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