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Wednesday, February 22, 2023


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Oh, if only that Filipendula was a shade plant! It's gorgeous, but I am still stewing over my dry, hot, west side shade.

Linda Brazill

KRISTIN — Given my sunniest spots are not all that bright, we'll see if it works. But the foliage is so beautiful I wanted to give it a try.


Great choices! Love the Lycoris for cut flowers--I have so many growing in the garden here (planted by the previous owners, but I love them). 'Red Umbrellas' is beautiful, too.

danger garden

"I've made a conscious attempt to think about what would work in the garden in terms of light and space and not just what interesting plant I want."... my husband wishes I would be more like you.

Linda Brazill

DANGER — I am trying to do this but I am not sure how successful I'm actually being.

Kris P

All beautiful! Plant Delights always has interesting selections but as the cost of shipping to California is eye-popping I try to avoid shopping there ;) I wish Carex did as well here as it does for you. I have a bluish-pink Lycoris like that I got by mail somewhere or another. I've only seen it bloom once but hopefully it'll come back - Lycoris doesn't seem to be particularly happy in my climate either.

Linda Brazill

KRIS P. — Mail order shipping has gotten crazy expensive and PDN is definitely up there with plant prices as well. But they do have such interesting selections. My problem is the same as yours but the nurseries are on your coast. West of the Rockies is pricey. We lost our best local nursery (they retired) which has meant much more online shopping for me.


You've selected some beauties. May they thrive for you!

I've grown a variegated Carex for so long the name is forgotten. morrowii 'Ice Dance' maybe? They are tough! Mine ignored in too dry and too sunny a place survived that abuse for years--replanted in moist(ish) shade it bounced right back.


Wow! Isn't that filipendula gorgeous with those red veins? Hope its successful for you, especially considering the expense. Carex 'ice dance' sulked for me for years then last year finally accepted it's location and is growing like crazy. I haven't tried any other varieties. The one you've pictured has a lovely glow. The yellow lycoris is beautiful, a nice change from the classic pink.


I am fortunate to have many local nurseries in Seattle and surrounding areas. I give them my business even if it means compromising a little, with the exception of a couple of unique Sansevierias.
I planted carex of multiple varieties around my garden and I love them all. By winter's end, most have received an unwelcome sheer by resident rabbits. Sigh.
I Love the subtle pale yellow Lycoris caldwellii... startling difference from the magenta blooms of the one I grow. I'll be looking for it locally, an excuse for nurseries visit, again.


Hello there Linda .. I love the family of carex .. the variegated ones are so pretty in particular. I'm glad to know I am not the only one that goes over the top (a bit) when in the depth of winter I NEED to order some plants to get me through this season .. Spring seems so far away yet. I had Red Umbrella and it was so pretty but it seemed to die out on me after a few years .. I think I would get it again ... if I had the room ? LOL

Linda Brazill

JOY — Finding room is always an issue

Linda Brazill

GINNY — I've had good luck with most Carexes I've planted. I've actually removed two because they were way too aggressive: C. Blue zinger and C. muskingumensis. Attractive but too thuggish for me.

Linda Brazill

CHAVLI — Our best nursery by far closed in 2020. They retired but did some pick up orders into 2021 as they closed out. They were a spectacular nursery known throughout the Midwest and only a ten minute drive from me. I have bought a lot from the nursery I now consider their replacement, but they don't have nearly the options the other nursery had. So now I am doing more online shopping. 


I have Red Umbrellas Filipendula growing in my bog garden (zone 6) in several locations, having divided it a few times to spread around. It's beautiful, the flowers are early and welcome, and it doesn't spread like the native Filipendula. I have had zero problem with growing it in either sun or part-shade in moist to wet soil. I cut it back after flowering to let it rejuvenate the leaves. Give it lots of moisture and it should be fine.


Oh my.
I don't know how honest I would be if that order was mistakenly sent to my address. I love everything!
Years ago my first carex experience were a few plants which suffered damage to their evergreen foliage (which made them look ratty in spring) and then a flush of bloom stalks which cluttered up the new foliage. That tainted me for years until just recently when I found a few I like. I'll be waiting to hear which become your favorites!

Linda Brazill

KATE - Thanks for the advice.

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