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Wednesday, March 15, 2023


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LOL, you're too funny!

Kris P

You couldn't have illustrated the situation better, Linda! I hope this is the tail end of the snow for you but, with one atmospheric river after another after another here, I'm afraid all our weather systems may be stuck on repeat.


Those fluffy white cushions on the chairs really brighten your porch on a grey day---oh yikes--that's SNOW!

Whoops. Sorry!


A little funny, a little sad. Excellent photo though.
I do hope you'll have something blooming for the next GBBD!

Linda Brazill

Chablis - Me, too.

Barbara H.

What's sadder is when everything has burst into bloom and is going like gangbusters when nights below 32 degrees show up. Hopefully you will just experience the blooming part of spring without the return to cold temps.

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