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Wednesday, April 12, 2023


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Susie at pbmGarden

These snowdrops are seductive, especially G. nivalis 'Greenish.' I have a vase similar to yours but with different glazing. Very useful for displays.


It’s wonderful to see them up close and elevated. They are lovely.
I just checked the forecast for Madison this week. A few days of 80°. Oh my!

danger garden

That is the perfect vase(s) for them too!

Linda Brazill

CHRISTINE - All the recent rain that was forecast never happened. So hot and dry. Actually under a fire warning, which is quite rare.


"Greenish" looks like a ballerina tutu. All these sweet snowdrops make me smile. Cute vase too! Mine have long since gone to seed.
We have a fire warning also, first one I remember ever.

Kris P

They are sweet! That is the perfect vase to show them off too.

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