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Thursday, April 06, 2023


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Such a nice arrangement, even without flowers. I especially like the rolled fabrics—a great display solution.

Linda Brazill

CHRISTINE — ​Since I don't have a sewing project in mind I figured this would be a good way to enjoy them and to remind myself that I have them.

danger garden

I love the fabric display idea and I will be stealing it!

Linda Brazill

DANGER — ​Be my guest!

Kris P

You curate your displays so beautifully, Linda - and use elements I'd never think of!


Yes, you are definitely talented with your arrangements. :) I LOVE that shade of blue. On the weather: It seems we skip over the "moderate" weather frequently lately, and go directly from summer to late fall...and winter to summer. More days in the 60s would be nice.

Linda Brazill

BETH — I can't stand that it's supposed to get into the mid-70°s. After winter, I want a long slow spring. Not a cold spell followed by summer as you sAY.


What a lovely arrangement of pretty things. Its so fun to do that, isn't it? Then, when you're finished, you stand back to assess and then go move an item or two by a quarter inch. It has to make your eye happy! Simple pleasures.
I hope you have some spring flowers for your vase soon. I'll look forward to seeing that. We just had three days of high 70s/low 80s, which cooked the daffs and is going to take tulips from tight bud to falling petals in less than a week. I hate climate instability!!

Susie at pbmGarden

I'm taken with your Asiatica plate. It is quite perfect!
Rainy here today.
Have a good week.

Linda Brazill

GINNY — I totally agree about moving things a tiny bit this and that way when I make arrangements and about climate instability bringing on spring too fast. It may be Easter but I am going to spend part of it in the garden. 

Linda Brazill

SUSIE — I agree that my new plate is perfect. It's almost like a small painting.

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