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Wednesday, April 19, 2023


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Similar happenings here. I've been amazed at the recovery of most of the plants, including relatively tender ones. The only things I covered were the rhubarb and the peonies. I'm hoping this next cold snap this weekend won't be quite as bad.

Linda Brazill


This is the first time I haven’t covered my peonies. I may do it if this weekend looks too cold.

danger garden

I can't believe that on April 19th I still haven't moved any of containers out from their winter storage (too cold, too wet). Nor have I planted anything (too wet), well, I did plant a podophyllum, but now I'm normally in full project mode.

Kris P

However much I may complain to people here about our periodic weather woes (usually the lack of rain), I have nothing on you. Mother Nature can be rude. I hope everything comes through this latest slap with flying colors.

Barbara H.

It's amazing how resilient plants can be - and also how amazing at what can do them in. I finally gave up on the jasmine that covered an arbor, cutting it all off. Then I discovered some new growth at the ground from a small branch that had rooted itself. I hope your plants all find ways to survive the ups and downs of this difficult spring.


I can't believe you got snow, again, but I'm an optimist, so I'll predict your cherished Peony will bloom just fine.
I share your "the plants have to survive without me" attitude. It's painful when they don't, but I believe nature knows best. I hope soon you'll warm up some!


Whew! Glad the snow left fast enough that your plants were able to manage it. Nice to see them recover--hope the rain does them good and no harm.

A fellow gardener remarked to me we here in SoCal often have a hot day or two in April, especially around the 21st, and that will be the case the next two days--the tender newly emerged spring foliage can manage two days of heat, but longer than that there will be damage.

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