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Tuesday, April 04, 2023


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When I saw your caption I got all excited. Then the pictures started to load and I had a good laugh! We all have different things to get excited about, don't we? Then I read the sign in the last shot, and while I fully understand the why, its a real joy killer! Nice capture Mark.

Linda Brazill

GINNY — I can see where you wouldn't want kids playing on these piles early on when the snow is softer. But now they just look dangerous and threatening. 


I had forgotten how those big fluffy white mounds turn into soggy gray masses. One of the realities of life!

There’s a good opinion article by Robert Reich in today’s Guardian explaining why the Wisconsin elections today are just, if not more, important than what’s happening in NYC. I’m hoping the Badgers get it right and democracy prevails.

Linda Brazill

CHRISTINE — Potential bad weather including tornadoes today. Hope that doesn't keep anyone home. ​ ​I just don't feel like enough people understand the importance of statewide and local elections. Frankly these are the ones that have the most impact on us day to day. ​And I continue to be shocked at the number of people who vote based on hate and fear. I'm not going to look at the news until tomorrow morning or I won't be able to sleep.

Barbara H.

So ugly but so beautiful as harbingers of spring. Hopefully your political situation also will show a turnaround. So appalled when I read the Letter from an American the other day. I see I missed reading your post so will do that now.

Linda Brazill

BARBARA — It's true. Some days even Heather is too much to read.​

Kris P

Ugh. I hope you get a nice safe melt soon, Linda. Here, the newspaper is already full of warnings about the dangerous floods we may experience with the rapid return of warmer temperatures - up to 80F by the end of the week in some local areas.


My sister always tries to leave Alaska for a couple of weeks at Melt Time. It's a big mess there--looking at your photos in another snowy state, I understand better why she does!

I read the Associated Press called the election for Protasiewicz.

Another sign of Spring, perhaps! :)

Linda Brazill

hb — Despite the weather, we are all calling this a bright day after the election. We're elated!​

danger garden

Ah yes, I remember that sight from my years in Spokane. Parking lots where only a fraction of the parking was available, because the snow mountains were taking up so much space. Even worse the brown dirtiness of it all...

Linda Brazill

DANGER — It's hard to believe how hard and sharp and nasty those piles of lovely white snow become over the season.


Ugh! Break up has to be the ugliest time of the year. Fortunately, it doesn't last all that long. Who would want to make snow angels on that mass of black snow?

Linda Brazill

ELIZABETH — I'm guessing the sign went up when they first started piling the snow up and it was white and new. Too dangerous to have kids tumbling on it in a busy parking lot where people drive like they are on the street. 

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