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Friday, April 21, 2023


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Kris P

I can't imagine to work involved in placing those pipes, much less digging the necessary holes to take them! Re delayed plant orders, I ordered dahlia bulbs (not that I needed any more) last August for shipment between late February and mid-March. I followed up when none showed up and got one earlier this week but the rest now not scheduled to ship until May. The delay in the shipment would peeve me if the colder temperatures here hadn't delayed the early spring blooms in my cutting garden. I don't have anywhere to plant the bulbs yet anyway ;)


I had to laugh, seeing nothing but your red-gloved hand waving above that enormous pipe. I am also curious about how it is used. And that is quite the spiffy beret, Linda. You wear it well. Out here, there seem to be an enormous quantity of fungus gnats, a byproduct I can do without, from of all the wonderful rain we received. Ah, well, he giveth and he taketh away.


Wow, those photos really put it into perspective. I'm not acknowledging the "s" word anymore. Time for true spring!

danger garden

"Harold, what is she doing out there, posing with the cement pipes?"... love these photos!

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