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Friday, April 14, 2023


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Love the bunny in his carrot-mobile! Or is it a sports-carrot?
Road construction projects, no fun.
Too hot, too early, no fun!
I'm unfamiliar with that fritillaria. Its gorgeous, I'll have to try to find some. And those pink violets are so sweet. I have some too.
Free compost, downhill, is a windfall not to be turned down. Lucky you!

Kris P

OMG, what upheaval! Months of dealing with a street closure and 80 degree temperatures already with another freeze in the forecast is a lot for the universe to throw at you at once. This too shall pass but I hope your sanity remains intact. The friendly city workers and the boon of compost from your neighbor are positives, though. I'm shocked at the warm-hot temperatures across the country while we're once again in the 50s here.


Yes, the weird. Lucky you with the compost. Glad to hear you had a pleasant Easter. :)

Barbara H.

So sorry you are now experiencing what we went through this spring with inopportune temperature swings. Glad you were able to rescue the tulip bulbs. Those are big changes in the neighborhood - sounds like street traffic might be heavier in the future with no street parking.


One of the things I like best about you and Mark is your genuine interest in so many things. It makes life so much better, and helps you get through the hard stuff like infrastructure work! We just got back last night from two weeks in Greece, and I am anxious for the rain to stop and the sun to come up so I can get outside. I know I missed the best daffodil weeks, and want to see what else is happening. I was pleased to see that the crabapple we planted last fall has buds, and that we didn't miss it!

danger garden

Your road work brings back memories of ours back in 2018, what a nightmare that was. As for your temperature swings, I keep thinking that is what's going to happen here. Instead we just keep plugging along at colder than normal temperatures!


I'm so surprised that you're under fire warnings. I think of them belonging in hot, dry areas, and the snow has just barely left there. Madison certainly seems to have its act together. The different departments appear to have coordinated their schedules so as to efficiently execute the work to be done. I don't know how many times here I've noted (with a fair amount of disgust) one agency tearing up streets that another agency just a few months earlier had finished. Seems so terribly wasteful of time and money. I hope you keep your sanity through all of the activity - its going to be a long stretch. Good job you, rescuing your plants from the center median, and so very nice of your neighbors to share their compost bounty. May is almost here!

Linda Brazill

ELIZABETH — I certainly hope the departments are working together. You are right that so often they don't seem to speak to each other. The utility guys can't finish putting in their pipes until they street surface is removed. Definitely going to be interesting to watch.

Linda Brazill

GINNY — I was so happy with those Frits last year that I added a few more. But out of 7 plants two came up blind. Think I will move them to a sunnier spot where the others are doing well. Last year I ordered a bunch of pink violets in all different shades from a nursery down south. Waiting to see what I get. ​

Linda Brazill

BETH — As for the weather, now I can't decide what to do. Cover things? Don't cover them and hope for the best? I always feel just because they were OK in a previous cold snap it doesnt mean they will be OK this time.

Linda Brazill

BARBARA —​It will be interesting to see what the traffic is like. They are also changing the intersection at our end of the block which I think ​may reduce traffic.

Linda Brazill

KRISTIN — ​I have to admit the fact that Mark is interested in all this construction and in taking photos, has me interested as well. It really helps us, as you say, to not feel so frustrated at the changes. ​


Early heat--yuck. I dread that.

Big construction project--I hope it doesn't reduce the ability to enjoy your garden--November is a long way off.

Our road was closed for a couple of months a few years back when there was a partial collapse of the rock underneath the road. It was somewhat inconvenient to go out, but the complete lack of traffic was actually rather wonderful.

Linda Brazill

hb — The car traffic is waaaay down on the street. But the construction equipment is ​up. Hate those safety beeps when they back up. But it's all fascinating to watch.

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