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Wednesday, May 31, 2023


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Sending good wishes your way for your surgery. I'll be interested in your "surgery stories" too, if you've a mind to share them later. Good luck!


I hope both surgeries go well! I have "baby cataracts" according to my eye dr, so I am always interested when friends and relatives have theirs fixed.


I hope all goes well for you with your surgery!

Kris P

Best wishes for a smooth experience with the surgery, Linda. I've every confidence you'll be fine but don't push yourself just to feed your blog ;)


Best wishes for excellent results from the cataract procedures!

Barbara H.

You will notice an amazing difference in colors at first but will adjust to the new vision pretty quickly. We have Dollar Tree stores down here in the South and it's a great, cheap way to get reading glasses for just over a dollar. When you are ready to move up to more permanent glasses, you might think about progressive bifocals with clear glass for distance and a prescription for the reading part. Of course it will depend on how you chose to go - good distance or good close up. I've been using the cheap glasses for several years and have decided I want bifocals with clear glass for distance. It is a little annoying when I'm reading or doing paperwork and need to get up to do something else. Well this turned into a book - sorry!


Best wishes for speedy recovery and vibrant vision.


I’m late with this but I hope your surgery went well, your eye has settled down, and you are ready for the next one. And how funny to read your post today because in a few hours I get my second cataract surgery! (My first eye was done 2 years ago). For some reason I seem to do well with one eye for distance and the other eye for reading. Not the norm, but it works for me, especially since I easily misplace eye glasses.
Cataract surgery is an amazing thing and the surgery is over so quickly.

Linda Brazill

CHRISTINE — ​I was stunned at how quickly it was done. You really have to be disciplined to do the eye patch the first week and all the eye drops that seem endless. Mark is done and is ready to pick out new glasses for reading and the computer.

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