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Friday, May 26, 2023


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Oh how wonderful and beautiful!! I hope it sticks around and goes after squirrels and bunnies!

Linda Brazill

KRISTIN — Last night I saw two rabbits for the first time in a week. I sure hope the fox stops by again.


Cool visitor! And nice shot, Mark. Looks to be a good sized bird, any idea what kind? I'm thinking duck?

When my grand dog started visiting for a week at a time, my bunny population disappeared 😊. When my son combs him, he saves the hair and I spread it in key areas in the garden as as deterrent. Smells that say "predator" are good!


I was also thinking it must be a duck. Don't forget to contact the Urban Canid Project with your sighting. Nice to keep the rabbits at bay, and interesting to see the fox during the daytime.

Linda Brazill

GINNY — Mark thought a duck as well but we weren't sure if they need water to land on. If they do, then where did it come from? 

Linda Brazill

STEPHANIE — Thanks for the reminder about the
Canid Project.


It looks like am female mallard. Mallards don't need water for take offs or landings.
I was comparing the size of the fox to the ajuga. It's really a small fox unless your ajuga is a very large variety?

Kris P

What a great photo (even if a death was involved)! I'm told that there are red foxes on our peninsula but I've never seen one.


Good photo!
I don't see a duck... to me it looks like an owl. Are there owls in your area?


Interesting! Good catch by Mark--he must have been moving quickly.

A few miles inland I saw the native grey fox (Urocyon cinereoargenteus)last spring--they were probably all over our area back before the humans moved in.

Had never seen one before or since.

Linda Brazill

CHAVLI - I thought it looked like an owl also; which would be very depressing.

danger garden

Beautiful creature, so small, or maybe that's just a trick of photo scale.


Ah, that is helpful. We've had fox in the back woods lately, too, and the rabbit numbers are down. That is good. Great capture! Wow!


How interesting. I never saw a fox in Madison in all the years we lived there (and we did live in some areas outside of the city center). I’m glad Mark was there at just the right time to snap a photo.


How interesting! Quick as a fox to get such a great photo. I occasionally hear foxes screeching around here at night, but haven't ever seen one.

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