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Monday, May 15, 2023


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Just lovely bouquets, Linda. I love T. Wittalli and grow a lot of them. I "need" to get some T. Acuminata because they are just delightful with their spidery petals and bold colors (love that teal vase). I'm enjoying your bulbs, mine all finished up four or more weeks ago. Its allium and iris time in Maryland now 😊


The 5-bottle grouping is divine! I love it.

danger garden

Lovely photos Linda!


Oh, I love those types of arrangements, and your artistic displays are always so lovely.

Linda Brazill

CHAVLI — Fever Tree brand with a nice raised tree motif on the bottles.

Linda Brazill

GINNY — I love those Acuminata Tulips. Such a great shape from bud to finish. I planted a lot of Alliums last fall. We'll see what I get as I have mixed results with the larger ones. 

Kris P

With all the work going on in your neighborhood, it's great that you were able to participate in both memes, Linda. I was particularly drawn to the arrangement you created for Ruth - it's wild look is lovely.


So very elegant! A treat to see arrangements so simple and perfect.

Happy Springtime!


You always inspire me to go out and look for something to put in a vase, and then to think maybe I need more vases in my life!

Linda Brazill

CHRISTINE - If you saw the number of vases I have, you’d know I don’t think one can have too many.

Linda Brazill

hb - I really started to garden to have flowers for my house.

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