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Monday, May 01, 2023


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Kris P

I hope that warm spell is just around the corner, Linda. I'm glad to hear that Mark's cataract surgery went well. My husband is scheduled to have one eye done in late May and the other in August and he's VERY nervous about it.

Linda Brazill

KRIS — I will get mine done in June and am nervous as well. Mark's went very well and we have lots of friends who've had cataract surgery with no problems. But the idea of anyone touching one's eyes is a concern.

Nicer weather coming later this week.


When you want to read, you find a way. Best wishes for Mark to enjoy wonderful sharp eyesight again.

My new Dahlias here bought back in...October?!!?? are just waking up so perhaps your bulbs are not late at all.

Hope you had a good nap--a cold rainy day is the perfect time for one.

Linda Brazill

hb — I had a lovely nap and tomorrow we are hitting days and nights warm enough to move plants outdoors. Maybe spring is finally here.


I know you must be raring to get outside but for now your garden is lapping it up and at least you can examine your indoor plants and enjoy that exciting moment of seeing new growth. Meanwhile here in the desert there is little hope of a drop of rain until the monsoons start. Different worlds. I hope the surgery was a success. In a way I look forward to having 20/20 vision without glasses. p;//

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