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Wednesday, June 28, 2023


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Kris P

It's a pretty lily, even if not the one you ordered, Linda. The mis-labeled plant problem seems to be occurring more frequently. I first noticed it during the pandemic but, as many nurseries were operating with skeleton crews, I just accepted it. It seems to be continuing, though.


Very nice...all the individual blooms and the combinations. Your plans, no matter which you choose, all sound lovely. The arrangement does look fantastic with the shower curtain.

Barbara H.

Sometimes our gardens like to surprise us - and sometimes it's a wonderful surprise. Hopefully you will hit upon a better placement for those surprises - or maybe you will see them in a different light as you get let go of what you expected to see? That happens to me sometimes.


How frustrating! One, because of the 6 month anticipation followed by disappointment, and two: Susan is prolific, while Landini is reluctant. But here is the sign of the true gardener: you work with what nature gives you. I love the bathroom bouquet, (not sure about the stepping stool... sounds perilous).
What's your experience with the rusty foxglove? I'm growing one for the first time this summer. So tiny in comparison. Reliably return? Reseed?

Linda Brazill

CHAVLI — The stool was just brought in as a place to hold the bouquet in front of the shower curtain. This is my first time with this Foxglove as well. Hoping for the best, but we're having such a hot dry summer that I won't be surprised at any plant failures. Rain is forecast continually but keeps passing us by. Ugh.

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