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Friday, June 30, 2023


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danger garden

While I came here for the ferns advertised in the title of this post, it's the last image that really stopped my heart (for just a second). Gorgeous!

Linda Brazill

DANGER — I had to go look to see what photo I'd put in that caught your eye. Have to agree that it is a pretty nice view of my upper garden.

Kris P

I love ferns too but they don't love my climate. The lilies outside your tea house look absolutely beautiful - and the foxglove would complement them well ;)

Susie at pbmGarden

The ferns are wonderful Linda. I agree with Loree the last view of your upper garden is heart-stopping.


Let me join the Teahouse choir! That photo knocked my socks off. Yes to more Digitalis ferruginea!

I am a lover of ferns too. I'd like to say I can't have enough of them, but as it turns out, one can run out of room.

The most surprising and beloved fern I grow is the Jeweled Chain Fern (Woodwardia unigemmata). I clearly didn't read the tag when I bought it: its potential of becoming 4'-6' wide would have deterred me. It fulfilled it's promise :-)
When the tip of a frond lays on soil, it starts a whole new fern!

Linda Brazill

CHAVLI — Woodwardia ​are ​not hardy here and I am always lusting after them when I see them on blogs or online nurseries. Thanks for the Tea House compliment. My husband gets full credit for designing it and building it; almost all of it on his own.


It was just a year ago that the Flingers had a tour of your fabulous garden. Even though I had followed you for many years there is nothing to compare with a realtime visit. David and I were just blown away by all that you had achieved over the years. Those rocks! The teahouse! Even the redo of a large area that wasn't quite up to par. And my favorite photo on this post was the one of the teahouse. Perfection in design and planting and lovely to see it once more.


All the greens look so inviting, cool, and lush. I wish I could grow ferns here, but it's just too hot, not to mention the water restrictions. July came in and cleaned house, temperatue wise. Chased the pleasant temperatures of June away until about November. Your garden looks like an oasis to me. Artfully designed and beautifully executed. Has it become easier to maintain? I recall that was one of your objectives in re-doing the pond.

Dee Nash

I love ferns too. They are so easy going in my client. I have this one maiden hair fern that is a no name. It was passed along to me years and years ago. I border my shade beds with it. People are always amazed, but I do not to make it grow. Your garden is looking really great in spite of the heat. ~~Dee


The autumn ferns are a favorite of mine as are the Cheilanthes. I will be trying maidenhair ferns for the first time in our creek this year. Hoping I find a spot where they will thrive without washing away in the winter. You've done a great job echoing that color palette. Beautiful.

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