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Wednesday, June 07, 2023


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I think white blooms in the woodland garden is the best!
I started gardening 23 years ago with zero knowledge and evolved from not being fond white blooms to loving them. I find they light up the shade garden like nothing else. The proof is in your photos!
Clematis 'Guernsey Cream' is fabulous. Is it growing on that weathered pole or is it an optical illusion?

danger garden

White flowers are so attention grabbing, I find them hard to work into the garden. Your examples are lovely though, especially that clematis!

Kris P

I love white and green garden areas - they always look fresh. I'm constantly looking for white flowers I can add to my garden. Yours are lovely but of course ill-adapted to a drier, hotter garden like mine (although my one and only Clematis is white-flowered).


Beautiful white blooms. I'm sure they're very happy in your garden. :)

Barbara H.

One common color but look at all the different textures! Well done, Linda.

Linda Brazill

CHAVLI — It's an "acorn" post. You are seeing the decorative top. Probably a fence post. We got it years ago at a store that sold architectural fragments and other garden art.


What a lovely array of drama queens! They really do pop in your calming shady area. That trillium is splendid.
My white clematis is a Miss Bateman, a really early bloomer, always my first clem. My other notable white flower is the Casablanca lily, a summer stunner!


I find green and white areas in the garden extremely soothing and calming. These days we all seem to need that.

I want to do more of that in my own garden. Your examples, the Trillium, Clematis, Peony, Rhody, and a plant I do not know, woodland habitat Diphylla--what beauties! Thanks for the moment of serenity.

Here the Trachelospermum is in full flower at the moment and its fragrance adds to the mood it creates.


Nothing better than white & green combo in a shady spot. And the textures you have there are taking it next level.


Light colored flowers sure make a difference in dark corners of the yard. While white isn't one of my favorite or dominant colors either, it sure can add a dramatic punch when used well.

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