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Thursday, July 20, 2023


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Kris P

That's a lovely vignette, Linda. Happy gardening! I'm envious. My own efforts are currently limited to early morning and occasionally early evening as it's very hot and uncomfortable with higher-than-usual humidity. It's frustrating as there's still a lot I'd like to be doing but I can't manage to cram much more than the imperative emergency watering into those morning hours.


"A gardener gardens." That's it in a nutshell, isn't it? You can do no other, because your very being requires it. Lucky for us, because your eye is infallible and your garden is beautiful. I get a great deal of relief from the heat here by looking at the lush green of your garden there. So refreshing!


Pee Wee doesn't stay true to its name! Mine grew quite large, pruning only encourages it: I love it anyway.
A handsome Brunnera next to it. Is it Jack Frost?
Tired but Happy: a good way for a gardener to be!

Linda Brazill

Thanks Elizabeth for those lovely comments. Had a little rain last night and it's cool this morning as we go into a hot week. 

Linda Brazill

CHAVLI — Now you've got me thinking as I wanted to move this Hydrangea to a spot where getting bigger won't work well. I shouldn't be surprised as so many plants don't stick to their advertised size and spread. The Brunnera is likely 'Jack Frost.'


That's a beautiful scene. The building has an Japanese sort of style to it (love the round window) and the woodland plants look so cool and soothing on a hot day. The silvery splash of the Brunnera(??) plant gives the eye a focal point for the non-building portion of the photo.

Enjoyed this post very much. I've been doing house things while it is so hot. House hasn't been this clean since last summer'hot weather!

Have fun out there!

Linda Brazill

hb — The building is a Japanese Tea House designed and built by my husband. The round window has patterned rice paper between two sheets of plexiglass. I don't think we've ever had tea there. Usually it's coffee or cocktails.  The "Tea House" category shows lots of pix of it as well as images of the plantings around it. 

Barbara H.

Our summer heat has arrived in full force, so I am spending time inside or on the covered porch in the early morning binge reading. I think when I finish the current book it will be time to get back outside either to garden or perhaps walk at the nearby lake trail. Not enough cool time in the morning to do both, unfortunately.

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