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Monday, July 24, 2023


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Kris P

That vase is perfect for the Heuchera flowers, Linda! I value Heuchera primarily for their foliage and I've tried at least a dozen varieties over the years; however, I've only gotten one species, H. maxima, a California native, to hang on in my garden. Unfortunately, its foliage is quite boring.


Love the alter-ego vase. Perfect. And your Heucheras are beautiful. I have not had any luck with Heucheras here (rabbits, something else?), so I give up. But I do think they are beautiful plants. :)

Barbara H.

Perfection achieved with the addition to your bouquet of heuchera blooms! I like heuchera a lot but they are rather scattered in different places and I don't remember names except for the one I recently planted. I sure that will drift away soon, too.


What a darling little vase! She really shows off those heuchera blooms that sometimes get lost outside.

danger garden

Oh that dark foliage is spectacular! The masses of heuchera pumped into the market has turned me off of them, but if I could find that one and it stayed dark in my garden I would buy it in a heartbeat! Oh and the addition of the gladiolus bloom was inspired.


The fancy foliage ones are expensive annuals in my garden--so no more. 15 or 16 species native to the state but mostly quite north of here. H. maxima and micrantha do so-so/okay.

They are lovely in your garden, and wow! in your vase.

All the here-and-gones for sale sound like the recent storm of many many different Mangaves, which are happier in the local climate than Heucheras. Tissue culture...

Kathy from Cold Climate Gardening

I also have heuchera #3 and I also don't know the name of it!

Linda Brazill

KRIS — Heucheras are one of those plants that is being hybridized to death. Seems like there is a new one every 5 minutes. Only one or two more recent ones have ever lasted more than a year or two for me. Humidity and frost heave are the big problems here.

Linda Brazill

BARB — Too many of the Heuchera have foliage that is similar enough to each other that it's impossible to keep them straight once you plant them.

Linda Brazill

TRACY AND BETH — If you look at the header on my blog you will see this little vase and her partner. Got them years ago and I get a surprising number of questions about where people can buy them. 

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