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Monday, July 17, 2023


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Good morning! I'm always impressed by your rock wall. I'm a pushover for a nicely made rock wall. Calla lillies are so regal looking. They would grow wild in big clumps in the vacant lots of my youth. Those thick velvety white petals elegantly curving around a bright yellow spadix. Gorgeous. The leaves were pretty too. But I can certainly see why you're disappointed -- they look nothing like the photo. It's a lovly plant, but not what you were expecting, which is disappointing.

Kris P

The potted plants look great against the backdrop of the rock, Linda. Your spotted calla lily foliage is more interesting that the plain green leaves of the white-flowered form I have, which was inherited with the garden. The calla lilies, plants and all, are long gone here despite our cooler-than-usual spring - they won't return until the rain does during the winter months.

danger garden

I had to enlarge the first couple of photos so I could really appreciate the details, lovely! To me Calla lilies always look too erect and thus fake in a garden setting. They're beautiful cut flowers!

Barbara H.

Your callas may not look like the picture but I really like them. Sometimes our expectations interfere with reality and lead to disappointment. If you didn't have the picture of how they "should" be would you still be disappointed by how they are? (Of course, it's much easier to suggest this about someone else's garden rather than one's own garden.)

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