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Monday, July 31, 2023


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What a wonderful find and how lovely that the road crew salvaged a few. I know nothing about it of course but I would think old glass like this might be valuable historically and for resale?? Maybe not. They certainly make great vases! I need to follow up on the allium, all of ours are long gone and I miss those daffy exclamation points in flower beds.


Linda Brazill

CECI — It's amazing how much later this one bloomed though much more restrained "flowers" than the earlier ones.

danger garden

Oh that is a lovely collection with a nice bit of history for your property. I remember when there was sewer work going on in my parents neighborhood a bottle or two was found, but this grouping is beyond that!

Kris P

The bottles do make great vases, Linda. I wonder how they landed there, together as a group? In the past, I've used glass bottles as an edging for beds but the varied sizes of those in your find don't support that theory.


Lucky you: a cool and most unexpected find. I love vintage bottles and the window they open into the (not too distant) past. I would have used them in the exact same way. Lovely.

Linda Brazill

DANGER & KRIS — Kind of a mystery as to how the bottles landed where they are. But certainly an unexpected discovery.

Barbara H.

How thoughtful of the workers to share the find. It's a great grouping and probably has some value. I have a ravine in the woods at the back of my property and found a large dump quite a ways down the hill full of different bottles and other things. Previous owners used the hill as their garbage dump, which is not unusual out in the country.


Very cool! Nice that they were able to save a couple


Ok, now that is a sweet find! I mostly dig up bits of plastic, rusted cans, nails, and broken glass in my digging adventures. Good thick glass on those dairy bottles too!

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