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Monday, July 10, 2023


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Kris P

Alliums deserve an award for "best after-life" by comparison to most any other flower. I wish I had better luck growing them but the drumstick variety seems to be the only species that shows up reliably. (It's just now made an appearance here.) I'd never heard of spray painting the dry flowers heads until I ran into that practice at the Capitol Garden Bloggers' Fling years ago. I think they look better in their natural state.


A most striking subject for a vase Linda. You must be pleased that you have given these alliums a second chance and I hope that they behave more considerately this time round.


Very nice. I enjoy the beauty and the unique form of the Allium flowers and the fact that they help repel rabbits.


Ha. I've been trying to eradicate Allium from the back garden for a while. I pull out as many as I can each spring, never let the remaining bloom and yet, they persist.
The seed heads are amazing though. When they are dry up you best not shake them too vigorously though...

danger garden

This is a winning vignette! I've had no success with allium in my garden, maybe that's a good thing?


I did not know some Alliums are enthusiasitc reseeders--parhaps not being able to grow them in my climate is a good thing after all.

You've had a time of it with no rain, road construction, and plants coated with construction dust--joy to get a good soaking rain after that.

I love all the indigo details in the first photo--in the vase, the plate, the fabrics. Such a wonderful rich color. The artwork by your friend Chuck is very cool, too.

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