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Wednesday, July 26, 2023


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That's a very nice collection of fans you have there! I can just see a midsummer garden party at your house -- twinkle lights and lumenarias everywhere, people casually dressed up, cold cocktails and yummy appetizers, a full moon (totally required), the fresh smell of your garden, interesting conversation, and the women gently fanning themselves with your beautiful fans. Sigh. Okay. Back to earth. Time to get ready for work!

Linda Brazill

ELIZABETH — Ha! I think we actually did have one party like that for one of Mark's birthdays, maybe 65th or 70th. But mostly it's been brunch on the deck. And some of the guys used the fans as well. I always used to take one to parties and art openings. Rather drama queen of me.

Kris P

An impressive and artistic collection, Linda. Fans seem so genteel, although I can't imagine making it through even our current modest heatwave relying upon them.

Best wishes for a cool-down and some rain!

danger garden

I love the idea of fans out for your guests, like the blankets some put out, only in reverse. Back in the day I worked at Pier One Imports (when it really was imports) and we had a huge selection of fans. Fond memoires.

Kathy from Cold Climate Gardening

Our 1885 house does not have a/c, although we do have a window unit in our bedroom. As long as the nights dip into the 60s (50s if you're really lucky) you just open all the windows at night and shut everything up in the morning. For those really hot days you put a big box fan at the bottom of the basement stairs and blow the cool air up to the first floor. For a prolonged heat wave with warm nights we are basically screwed, but we know a few local swimming holes and keep a generous supply of ice cream on hand.

Linda Brazill

KATHY - Even with AC we open windows at night at those temps and keep them open in the morning until the outside temp meets the inside temp, then they get closed. Curtains closed on south and west windows. All the things we did growing up.

Linda Brazill

DANGER — I am sure I got some of my fans at Pier One. Loved that store back when.

Linda Brazill

KRIS — We did get some rain and the temps will drop down into the 80s starting this weekend.

Barbara H.

Beautiful fans, Linda, and I see them making a lovely bouquet in a vase. When I lived in Portland the local mythology was that AC wasn't needed - and it was a myth. Growing up in mid-Michigan with no AC was okay most of the time but I remember those hot nights in the 80s with 80% humidity and no breeze. So how did I end up in NE Alabama with hot, hot summers and fairly cold winters?

Linda Brazill

BARBARA — ​I remember being in Vancouver, BC and there were no screens on the windows and no AC. It was disconcerting to me to sleep in a room with an open window which could let anything fly into the room. Nothing did but it sure was a different attitude and climate.

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