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Wednesday, July 05, 2023


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Kris P

I hope you get that rain, Linda! Summer rain is a foreign concept here so watering is a regular chore. I'm always mildly shocked to hear that summer temperatures are higher in your part of the country than mine. Although parts of Los Angeles county are getting triple digits right now, we remain on the comfortable side (77F at noon right now), thanks to the morning marine layer that's apparently intent on carrying on into July this year. Not that I'm complaining!

Dee Nash

Linda, I really hope you get decent rain soon. It has done nothing but rain in my part of Oklahoma. I would send it on to you if I could. The thing is I'm used to the heat, but not your humidity. That 70% is horrendous. Hang in there my friend.~~Dee


Yes, I was afraid the drought would go on, but we got some rain today, did you? It puts a dent in the drought, anyway. Long-lasting droughts are so very frustrating.

Susie at pbmGarden

Hope the rains find you Linda. It can be so discouraging when the wait is too long.


Hot and dry here in western Oregon too. No significant rain since April. I'm in maintenance mode until the fall rains resume. Hoping you get some rain soon.

Linda Brazill

BETH — ​I'm thrilled. We got 1.35"

danger garden

Like Kris wrote, the concept of summer rain is foreign to me (as is that kind of humidity with your heat), but I also know a change from what is typical for an area is trying. Glad you got a break from your construction!

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