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Thursday, July 06, 2023


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I was about to comment on yesterday's post, commiserate on "87°F with humidity in the 70% range" at 10 am, not to mention the layer of dust on every blessed leaf. But this morning I find myself envious. Thankfully, Seattle doesn't have that kind of humidity, but 1.35" of rain would be kind of wonderful in my garden too.

That paved road in the photos is beautiful. The project seems to be moving along nicely. Did you say it's due to wrap up in November ?

Linda Brazill

CHAVLI — Supposedly done by Nov. 4th. But we've heard they are likely to finish early. The dry weather has been a boon to the road work. They haven't lost any time due to bad weather.

I am guessing the paved road you referred to is our driveway. It was done by the same young man who did the incredible rock wall​​ along the driveway.

The one good thing about no rain has been generally low humidity and no mosquitoes. But rain is better!​


Hooray for rain! We got 1.5 the night before last. Such a relief. Plus, it finally made people stop shooting off their stupid fireworks when it rolled through around 1:30 am.

Kris P

Yay! I'd be ecstatic to get 1.35" of rain in one day. Congratulations. Maybe I need to try a rain dance but forecasters are predicting a heatwave so I suspect it's come to nought.

Kathy from Cold Climate Gardening

So glad you got rain. It makes all the difference!

Susie at pbmGarden

That's a nice amount of rain.

Linda Brazill

KRISTIN ±This is the best year we've had in ages for people being restrained in shooting off fireworks. Usually they start a month before and go a month afterwards. This year it was more like a week or ten days. Thank goodness.


Oh that's excellent news... even if your sand pile at the end of the driveway is extremely intimidating lol
I am waiting for the rain, we are supposed to get into the same range but so far it's just East or West of us in the higher elevations. My soil also doesn't like to soak it up real quickly, so if it all comes in one storm there will still be dry spots tomorrow.

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