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Wednesday, August 02, 2023


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Kris P

Those tiny mail-order plants can take an interminably long time to meet expectations but 20+ years is a bit extreme. I guess that's a vote for moving the little Taxus. That said, I planted a Garrya elliptica received by mail order in 2015 that has done very little except not die in the years since. It's not offensive where it is but I can't say that leaving it there has given it a chance of living up to its potential either.

Linda Brazill

KRIS — Glad to know I'm not the only one who does these things.

Susan Sobol

Fabulous smock!

Linda Brazill

SUSAN- Hope you are doing well. It’s from Marketplace of India and has embroidery on it.


Impressive. You obviously know what you're doing when it comes to Yews. Thanks for sharing the story of your purchases. :)


Yews are beautiful! Your green green garden, too.

Barbara H.

Yes, fabulous smock! Isn't it interesting how our attitudes change with age and experience? And of course we are hopefully better off financially than when we were young. I just moved a weigela in the deep heat of summer into a full sun position and I'm hoping it survives. It's putting out some new leaves so if I remember to water it I think it will be okay. It hadn't done anything at all at its previous location where it had been living for years.


Heh heh, you might as well pot them up and call them bonsai!
I love the upright form though. If I had the checkbook for it I'd bring in fastigate boxwood, arborvitae, as well as yew and have the oddest garden of exclamation points. As it is I've been eyeing 'Skypencil' hollies and might splurge on one or two tiny ones... and then wait the 20 years for my reward?

Linda Brazill

BARBARA — I am about to do the same thing with a Hydrangea. Looks like it will be a little cooler and yes, watering will be a must. I tend to deal with things when I have the time and energy, even if it's not the recommended time for the plant.

Linda Brazill

FRANK — That waiting for the reward is harder to do these days. I feel like time is flying for me and the shrubs are all still in their "first year sleep."


Aw, this post made my morning. I like how happy you look in that fun smock next to your yew.

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