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Wednesday, August 16, 2023


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Jeanette Madden

Love this plant.


Other than killing my first Bergenia, I don't have any experience with them. Looking at your fist photo I thought it was begonia :-D
I adore weeping purple beach, and I think your vision for those giant leafs underneath will be amazing. It would be fantastic to try the hosta mixed in: gold sparkles among the green. I can see it already...


Darn rabbits; you know how I feel about that. I think I have seen that one, but I'm not sure a botanical garden or a garden shop? It's beautiful. Good luck!

Kris P

Sweet! Bergenias of any kind are hard to keep alive here. I've never seen this one offered in local nurseries.

Kathy from Cold Climate Gardening

I saw that at the Issima website but didn't pounce soon enough. You must have a really exceptional local nursery that it stocks such new plants.

danger garden

I look forward to seeing it in your garden. Bergenia end up looking like lettuce in my garden.

Barbara H.

Looks great. I too thought it was a begonia at first and I too have not had luck with Bergenia, though I like them a lot.

Linda Brazill

CHAVLI — Once you mentioned it, I actually began to think about how that Hosta might look. Initially I did think the Hosta would get lost among these big guys. But the color and form difference should be enough to make a contrast.

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