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Tuesday, September 19, 2023


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Old Lady Gardener

So nice to see a post from you and get an update on the street project. Looks as if they did a beautiful job! And so have you two! Doesn't fresh mulch look wonderful? You're rolling into the home stretch. Glad you got a bit of rain :)


Even with just the mulch, the front looked great, but I bet you can't wait until your re-transplanted hostas and grasses take hold and fill in. That was a big job, even with the very nice condition the city left for you. I don't remember -- will there be a center island again? The long shot of your street is beautiful, all that green and all those trees. All neighborhoods should look so welcoming. Nice to hear from you again. Take care of yourselves.

Barbara H.

Happy to see the update and glad the work crews were so thoughtful and helpful. I'm pretty sure you and Mark reciprocated in your own ways. I bet it won't take long for all the newness to wear off and the garden will look like it has always looked that way.

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