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Monday, October 16, 2023


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The wind definitely paid your garden a visit while you were out having fun. And you're just braggin' about that 2.5" of rain. We fantasize about such abundance out here. That back fence of yours still knocks me out, it is so beautiful, and it has aged well. I love the woodland feel of your garden -- the leaves and needles that cover the ground, the ferns, the tricertis, the different shades of green, and the different textures -- all are enchanting. The repetition of different varities of the same plant is nice too, there is harmony in it. You mentioned a while back that you were making changes to the garden to make it easier to maintain. Has it been so? It's hard to belive how fast October is flying by. My list does not seem to shrink, what with adding to it, and procrastinating -- things come off about half as fast as I think they should. Soon it will be winter, when the earth sleeps and we dream of spring. Life is good.

Linda Brazill

Elizabeth — Thanks for all your thoughtful comments. I find I am having more trouble keeping up with comments even though there are not as many at the moment.

I am thrilled at that rainfall as it has been so dry this year. We need more serious rain heading into winter.


Ah, you are so lucky to have Tricyrtis thrive in your garden. I've tried it a few times, but it never seems to take off and just slowly fizzles out over time. T. formosana is a real beauty. Reminds me a bit of moth orchids.

Linda Brazill

JERRY — Toadlilies are my favorite fall flower and they do look like tiny orchids. The rabbits love them as well, so I am having to cage them which is frustrating. But better than losing the flowers after waiting so long.

danger garden

I saw the arching stem type of tricyrtis for the first time during the Fling... I was in awe!

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