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Thursday, October 19, 2023


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Ah, those giant puffballs that you have out there. Yes, they tend to crack open the bigger they get. Soon, it will start drying out, darkening up, and releasing spores. We cooked one up once, on one of the mushroom forays I used to go on at UW-Madison. It wasn't very good. Morels and chanterelles are much, much better.

Linda Brazill

JERRY — This is the first time I think I've seen a puffball in the garden. Really enjoying it so thanks for the info about it.


I love mushrooms, too. They're just so woodsy and I like the way they smell, and they make me think of fairies, and little teeny-tiny houses, and comforting children's stories. I make no apologies for this nonsense -- id est quod id est.

Old Lady Gardener

That's quite a big puffball! Fascinating to see how fast they grow, isn't it? We had a good rain all day yesterday and on my morning walk today it was fun to see all the mushrooms that had popped up overnight.


I didn't use to give much thought to mushrooms in my early gardening days, but as time went on and as I learn about the most amazing mycelium network underground, I began to cherish them.
Many different types show up here and there, they even grow out of logs that I left around the garden. I love seeing them everywhere.

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