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Monday, November 06, 2023


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Thomas Hood tried to inject humor into the poem and thinks like a city dweller. How could anyone not notice the gorgeousness in a November garden!
I try my hardest to let the Hosta decompose back into the soil. Not easy, as it gets Really ugly, but it's free nutrients, so I'm motivated :-D
I'm guessing Dawn redwood is the star of your Japanese garden. What a beauty!

Linda Brazill

CHAVLI — I always worry that the Hostas may spread disease if I leave them there. But if they were healthy when they collapsed that shouldn't be a problem, should it. After I posted I went into another part of the garden and discovered my winter blooming Hellebore is up, budded and beginning to open.

danger garden

That photo with the Dryopteris crassirhizoma is dreamy! Even if it seems all wrong for the season...

Old Lady Gardener

Indeed, yes, that fern is gorgeous. Is circular it's normal growth habit? Even though we've had a couple hard frosts, I still have a lot of green too. 74° today! I love how the Korean mums can take frost. I have Sheffield and Cambodian Queen. They really are great for the pollinators!

Linda Brazill

OLG — With a name like Sheffield I just assumed that mum was a UK introduction. I had no idea it had Korean parentage. I've been growing Korean maples for years as they look similar to Japanese but are much more hardy in my zone.

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