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Thursday, November 16, 2023


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Lucky you, to be able to grow all those ferns. They would be toast out here. As much as I was admiring the ferns, I also admired their settings. The way the tassel fern reigns over the grasses falling down the slope from the back fence, the way they are nestled in fallen leaves that are left in place instead of blown away, the rocks that are scattered about, and the trees. Such a nice woodland feel to your garden. Thank you for sharing it.


No Japanese garden is complete without a collection of ferns, any shade garden really, the more the better. (Though I can't remember their botanical names to save my life :-D)
Your Polystichum setiferum reminds me of my Polystichum tsussimense (Korean rock fern) with its perfectly detailed sturdy fronds.
Your post prompts me to list my many ferns and their location in the garden.
The last photo is sublime.


My my what a fern collection you've amassed! I love the polysticums, I did not know the family included Christmas fern, so I think I need to re-evaluate my opinion on that one. Perhaps it being common in the woods has made me take it for granted? I'd have to see which other one I have. The wooly fiddleheads are the part I love the most about it.


What a fabulous collection! I love your last picture, btw.

danger garden

I think I'll be adding a Polystichum rigens to my garden come spring! Thanks for the fern focus.

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