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Tuesday, November 28, 2023


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Tracy Rinella

Oh, your bloom will be gorgeous! I'm a big fan of Amaryllis, I've made the mistake of planting mine late.


How exciting! The flowers are sure to be beautiful and the unfolding is interesting to watch. I like the amendments you made to the pot—the twigs and moss—they finish it just so. It looks lovely. And there is nothing quite like deep red flowers this time of year. Must be the traditionalist in my not-so-traditional soul. I've never had much luck forcing bulbs. There was never any cool, dark place to keep them, nor the right kind of light once they were ready for sunlight. They grew lanky and spindly, with anemic leaves and not too many blossoms. But maybe I should try again. I now have a south-ish facing window and a garage. Who knows? It might work.

danger garden

Well done! I considered purchasing a few paperwhite bulbs yesterday and was surprised/not surprised to see how expensive they've become, they were $3.99 ea! I remember buying them for less than a dollar, but then that was many many years ago. Also, thanks for sharing your moss scavenging, I've done the same and even asked neighbor's if I could take the moss their crew had blown to the ground!

Linda Brazill

DANGER — I've actually managed to get roof moss attached to some rocks where it is now growing outward.

Linda Brazill

ELIZABETH — I think your garage and south-ish window sound like a perfect combination.


Oh that's going to be fantastic! I've tucked a bit of moss around the bulbs here and there, but the twig fence seems like a fun thing to add to it and I may steal the idea as well!
For the most part my bulbs wait until the spring. If I try a bit maybe Easter, but Christmas is never an option!


I love what you've done. The twigs along with the moss around an emerging flower bulb reminds me so much of spring. I could just gaze into that and forget about the gloomy weather outside.

Linda Brazill

JERRY — I had planned to move the pot of Amaryllis to a different spot once the flowers began to open. But it is between the two spots where my husband and I sit every day. Too much fun to watch the flowers to move it. 

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