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Wednesday, November 01, 2023


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Old Lady Gardener

Love that one greenish yellow maple leaf perched jauntily at the top of that dark shrub :-) My eye just gravitates to it. Such a pretty scene.

Susie at pbmGarden

Beautiful. A happy seasonal view.


Isn't Autumn Grand? This time of year the garden's appearance is evolving constantly, with glorious shifting color accents. Clearly my favorite time of year :-D
Wondering what's the conifer in the center. Perhaps a Weeping Norway spruce?

Linda Brazill

CHAVLI You have a good eye and a good knowledge of evergreens. It is a weeping Norway Spruce. I looked up my id card to double check. Planted in Aug. of 2015 which surprised me to realize it's 8 years old already.


I see what I think is a pine, and what I thought might be a fir (but now know is a weeping spruce), but what are the two mid-range shrubs? And, of course, that glorious maple, which is so very beautiful. There's another to the way back on the left too, full of fiery red leaves. I do envy you the lovely autumn you get to experience first hand, and the snow that will soon be coming along. Course, I wouldn't know what to do with myself if I couldn't be barefoot 24/7/365. Grass is greener?

Linda Brazill

Elizabeth — Directly behind the Weeping Spruce is a Barberry (Orange Rocket) which is darkening way up for fall, the maple is a Korean maple (A. pseudosieboldiana, much hardier for us). The yellow behind it is Witch Hazel and the low green shrub on the left is a Peony which looks fabulous. All of its cousins are soggy or crinkly.

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