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Friday, December 01, 2023


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Beautiful! People often say "in spite" when they actually mean "despite," but not this time. The man is a word master, and that sentence is "an emerald shining in a slag heap." We must "work ... in spite of them." I never thought of myself as a peace worker when gardening, I just wanted to surround myself with something beautiful, but I'll take it. Perhaps beauty itself is an antidote to destructive and annihilating forces? Perhaps we should inquire of our candidates whether or not they garden? It's not a bad idea. With such shining words, I am now ready for the Christmas season. Bring it on!

Linda Brazill

ELIZABETH — There is a book called "Defiant Gardens" about people, inc. soldiers, creating gardens in war zones etc. Certainly shows how critical they are to mental health.




This works on so many levels. I feel like while we tend our physical gardens, we are also tending the ones in our souls. You can't help but become a better human being when you are firmly connected to nature.

Linda Brazill

JERRY — Well said.

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