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Friday, December 29, 2023


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danger garden

I love that watering can photo!

We gardeners do fall prey to the temptations, be they online in the winter, or in person in the summer—my weakness. It's so easy to add another bromeliad or jungle cactus to the mix, not remembering that I've got to find a place indoors to overwinter them.

Linda Brazill

LOREE — I've joined the overwintering indoors crowd with two huge Begonias. Too big and gorgeous to start from scratch again. I want to have a big foliage plant by the front door fast and this is the best way to do it.


"Reduce maintenance, but keep the garden looking good" has been my mantra for a few years. That, and having a 4-season garden: I love a good looking winter garden.
Seductive as it is, I decided to avoid catalog and online purchase if possible, love what works well in my garden instead of the exotic and unusual. With plenty of Conifers, Japanese Maples, Ferns, Hostas and Hellebores to choose from, I can usually avoid heartbreaks. I know we share quite a few garden plants. In fact, I added a couple of Millenium Allium after seining it on your blog.
Here is to a successful and smart gardening in 2024!

Old Lady Gardener

Well said, Linda. Loved the comment about thinking like a 35 year old. So true and easy to fall prey to. Like it or not, we are all going to be forced to learn how to garden in our changing climate as well as with the gardening challenges associated with aging. grrrr!


You've encapsulated all of the struggles that I've dealt with as well. It's hard to plan when each year is so dramatically different and when the garden is subject to my whims and mistakes, yet I'd like to think things turned out better than if I hadn't planned anything at all

Linda Brazill

Jerry — I definitely think our plantings are always a helpful improvement — for the garden and for us.


The watercans tipped like that are really cool. Let's get real, I could've used that sentiment while ordering seeds yesterday. Oops!


This post is my life as a gardener! 2023 was definitely a breather compared to the horrible drought of 2022. I worry that the plentiful rains of 2023 will be an exception and that 2022 will be the norm. I discovered too. I added several last year. Love the foliage and the flowers. Win win.

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